CRMG Podcast: A Pragmatic Approach to Defining your Threat Profile

Organisations are facing new types of advanced persistent threat scenarios that current risk management programmes cannot defend against. To effectively counter threats, business leaders must have a detailed threat profile.

This should provide a clear view of their risks and how to prioritise them, enabling the implementation of effective defences.

In the first episode in CRMG’s podcast series, CRMG’s Nick Frost, Andrew Wilson and Todd Wade share their take on threat profiling, the importance of defining your threat profile, and the threat actors that can influence your profile.

Our experts also share their key action points for CISOs to successfully define their organisation’s threat profile, while delivering value to the business.

About the Series

This podcast series has been created by the CRMG team whose experience and expertise in cyber security and information risks spans many years, working at CISO-level for large reputable organisations. The podcasts cover topics that are at the heart of risk, providing knowledge sharing and insights from different professional experiences.

Nick Frost                             Andrew Wilson                      Todd Wade
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