CRMG Podcast: Changing Senior Management’s Perception of Cybersecurity for the Better

We constantly hear “senior management ‘get it’” – but do they really?

Senior management’s awareness of information security and cyber threats is essential if security teams are to effectively mitigate against them.

Unfortunately, over time as cybersecurity has shifted from a technical position to a risk management position, senior management’s perception has not moved with it. Still seeing cybersecurity as a technical function focused around IT controls and technology, most do not consider it a part of risk and a critical component to business success.

Is it a leadership issue? Or an awareness issue? And whose responsibility is it to change their perception of cybersecurity for the better?

In the third episode in the ‘Cyber Risk Fundamentals’ series, Nick Frost is joined by Todd Wade and Andrew Wilson to explore what is now the biggest challenge for CISOs. Together they discuss:

  • Why the CISO must now take an influencer role
  • How to position and communicate cybersecurity to senior management
  • Why aligning cybersecurity goals to business goals could be key to changing senior management’s view on security
  • Why the CISO needs to build champions within the organisation.

About the Series

This podcast series has been created by the CRMG team whose experience and expertise in cybersecurity and information risks spans many years, working at CISO-level for large reputable organisations. The podcasts cover topics that are at the heart of risk, providing knowledge sharing and insights from different professional experiences.

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