CRMG’s Team Account of the Corona Pandemic – March 23

This is a personal account from the CRMG team about our experiences managing and coping with the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are real people trying to get through this tough time, and we want to emphasise that we are here to support the community and hope sharing our experiences will help. Please reach out at

Account by Nick Frost
Director & Co-Founder, CRMG


So, Boris has officially announced what we all predicted and that the schools are closed for the foreseeable future. 20 minutes after this announcement we received emails with the kids’ homework for the next 2 weeks. From now on I will be accessing the “Khan Maths Academy on YouTube” to scrub up on my division of fractions etc.

Yesterday I went to the local Tesco’s and was genuinely surprised at the lack of fresh food and empty shelves – and it wasn’t just the expensive items left on the shelves, there was very very little of everything (as per the image). Whilst I was told shelves would be restocked every morning at 6am, I suspect Tesco’s will be packed at this time.

The biggest challenge I think we’re all going to be facing now is organising the day between family, homework and professional work, and to take shifts so that there is a bit of normality. It’s important not to panic-buy when we see empty shelves and know we are under house arrest. We need to consider our families of course, but also others in society who are more at risk, and those working aimlessly in the NHS and beyond to protect us during this time.

The CRMG team are all pulling together which is lovely to see. I think we have more ideas for future projects than we can cope with, but it is interesting to see how creative we can all be when we reduce the back-to-back meetings. We’re launching a piece on the concerns we have on Ransomware and COVID as we’re seeing an increase in targeted attacks. Nothing new, it happens with any major event, but there is a good chance that fake public/government communications are going to be clicked on, especially if they have a dramatic headline. To help combat this, we will shortly share some pragmatic guidance to help mitigate this growing threat.