CRMG Coronavirus Company Announcement

CRMG Coronavirus Announcement
24th March 2020

We find ourselves in unchartered waters and an uncertain time with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak which is having a global reach and touching every one of us. Our businesses, our work life and more importantly our personal life is being affected.

I wanted to update you on how the Coronavirus is impacting us at CRMG as a team and business, and how we are responding to ensure we still deliver exceptional service to our clients, and also support our employees through what is a challenging time.

We are continuing business as usual and adapting to the new circumstances in the following ways.

All Projects Delivered Remotely

At CRMG, we, for the most part, are a remote team, and so the new restrictions put in place resulting in remote working do not immediately influence how we function day-to-day. We are agile and mostly digital as an organisation, and luckily have the tools and processes in place to cope and manage remote working with our employees and clients.

We as a company strictly follow any advice and guidance set out by the government and authorities, and will now be delivering all services remotely – protecting our clients and our consultants is the number one priority.

Our approach for each client is tailored, and so our response to remote working and how we manage the engagement will also be tailored. We do not believe working remotely on engagements will impact the effectiveness of our services and capability. For any further questions or concerns around this, please contact

Online Events

Throughout the year, we have numerous physical events planned with our partners, as well as attendance at external events and exhibitions. We have now moved all physical events online in response to Coronavirus until it is safe to host physical events. You can find information about upcoming events at

Partnerships and product development

We plan to use this time to our advantage to put more energy into our partnerships and the development of our IP (intellectual property) projects. We will continue supporting our partners and our contribution to the industry as usual.

Best wishes,

Simon Rycroft & Nick Frost