CRMG’s Team Account of the Corona Pandemic – March 31

This is a personal account from the CRMG team about our experiences managing and coping with the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are real people trying to get through this tough time, and we want to emphasise that we are here to support the community and hope sharing our experiences will help. Please reach out at

Account by Nick Frost
Director & Co-Founder, CRMG


It all got a little more serious after Boris’s latest announcement didn’t it?… but it probably just confirmed what we already knew was going to happen. I have to say the Prime Minister is looking exhausted and I was not surprised to hear he has now caught the virus himself.

At home we’re planning every day and as much as we can to entertain the kids and keep business moving along as normal. Luckily with everyone in the same boat, skype sessions with cousins, friends and grandparents are a regular occurrence now. Even the cookery class that one of my kids attends is now online.

Work-wise, this has given a number of us in the team a new impetus for looking at new projects and initiatives. We have a virtual coffee morning on Monday’s, the first being last week and I am amazed to see how many of the team are now Virologists, it was like a GCSE biology lesson! Tomorrow I am presenting in a webinar with Galvanize (one of our partners) on ‘Shifting Cyber Security from a Compliance to a Risk Focus– the first in a three-part cyber risk series which I am excited to deliver. The rest of the team are finishing off projects and starting new ones, and getting their home offices sorted for what would seem like a 4, 5, 6 week…who knows … working from home scenario.

We had a great call with one of our partners CyBourn (provider of a leading AI Threat detection), who highlighted the changes in the attack landscape that they are seeing linked to our increasing dependency on remote access technologies, as well as an increase in sophisticated phishing, ransomware related attacks. It is so interesting to hear the types of trends that they are picking up even from 10 days ago. We knew the bad guys would exploit the human anxieties over COVID-19, and as a result, we have provided some guidance (links below) to help you recognise what you can do to help prevent these attacks. The thought of a family having their laptops locked up due to ransomware, I think, would create a new level of frustration.

However, with the challenges we face here in the UK, I hope most of you have been enjoying the sunshine and dry weather we are getting and long may that last! A good time to plant those vegetable seeds…

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