CRMG’s Team Account of the Corona Pandemic – April 6

This is a personal account from the CRMG team about our experiences managing and coping with the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are real people trying to get through this tough time, and we want to emphasise that we are here to support the community and hope sharing our experiences will help. Please reach out at

Account by Simon Lacey
Principal Consultant, CRMG


Flipping the pandemic mindset – making the best of now.

With the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, I was struck by a sense of anxiety, like many were. I was concerned about how this would impact my career, how my family would cope, whether we would become ill, how those around us would be impacted. The list grew quickly as my anxious thoughts started to take route and gain strength, particularly when we had to cancel our wedding trip to Las Vegas.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety in the past, I realised that giving these harmful thoughts free board and lodging between my ears wasn’t going to be helpful – in fact harmful. I grabbed my running shoes and headed out to process my thoughts and devise a plan as to how I could turn what could be negative, into a positive experience, and one that would see me grow and develop. This plan turned into a list of positives, of which a few are highlighted below.


A chance to appreciate the things we have, and not focusing on acquiring more. Most of us have houses full of “stuff” we don’t know we have or need.

Carbon footprint

I won’t be travelling as much. My carbon footprint will be reduced, and we’ll all be breathing clearer air. I’ve already noticed that the air is of a much higher quality when I run.


We live busy lives. We live by the clock. This is a chance to live a less hectic life which I find so liberating. At the very least, most of us are saving our commuting time.

Running and exercise

I enjoy running. Being at home more presents the perfect time to put the shoes on and get a few Km’s into my legs. Plus, a fantastic way of boosting immunity and processing difficult times. Since the pandemic, I’ve smashed my personal best.

Professional development

Many of us have struggled to find time to read that research paper or study that fringe of our profession that we’ve always felt uncomfortable about. Maybe we can learn to use some of the more advanced features of Word or Excel? A great time to extend our knowledge.

Personal development

We rarely have a chance to reflect and develop ourselves. We have a chance to do that now. Reflect on our career choices, do they bring a sense of purpose? Do we want to explore creative pursuits? Now we can – the internet gives us access to so much free or low-cost learning material, unimaginable a generation ago.

These are just a few items from my list, but I’m sure you get the idea. This simple step has allowed me to make this time in our lives a positive one, one that I’ll remember with gratitude, not a time of frustration, anger and anxiety.

Now, if you feel like life is getting to you, how about writing your own list?