CRMG’s Team Account of the Corona Pandemic – April 9

This is a personal account from the CRMG team about our experiences managing and coping with the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are real people trying to get through this tough time, and we want to emphasise that we are here to support the community and hope sharing our experiences will help. Please reach out at


Account by Kirsty Donovan
Marketing Manager, CRMG


When the pandemic started to hit South East Asia, there was a lot of mixed information being shared among different communities and the media. I currently live and work for CRMG in Bali, Indonesia – which is one of the world’s most populous and far-flung nations – and not known for its governmental transparency. When countries around the world started sharing figures of coronavirus infections and deaths, Indonesia reported no casualties… that was five weeks ago. Indonesia is now second to China for coronavirus deaths in the whole of Asia. Countries such as Australia called into question how transparent the Indonesian government were being, and stopped Australians from travelling here.

For me, this was very startling, as I felt there was no source of information I could really trust. How was I meant to make a decision as to whether I should remain here or fly back to the UK (also going through a period of turmoil) if I do not know the truth about what is really going on and how much danger I could be in? I have been writing about trust recently, which is of huge importance in all elements of life, especially the current situation we find ourselves in.

I have little to no trust in the media here in Indonesia – the misinformation that is shared, along with scaremongering, is shocking. This is a time when we need facts from trusted sources so we can make decisions that are in the best interest of ourselves, our families and the society as a whole. We cannot do this when our minds are muddled and overwhelmed which information that is frankly rubbish and serves nobody.

Trust is everything right now. Trust in those closest to us, the public services such as the NHS, the UK government – and all other governments for that matter. We need to trust that everything will be ok in the end and that every decision we make is for the best of everyone.

After much contemplation and many talks with my family, I made the decision to stay in Bali, although in fear of being stuck here without being able to leave for an unknown amount of time, which I find unsettling – particularly with a government I do not trust. But I do trust that this is a time for us all to stick together, make meaningful changes to our lives, and make the world a better place for it.

I must admit I am not a writer, and I have never been inspired to blog myself (although a marketer), but being in a scenario where I am angered by the lack of legitimate information we receive, it feels necessary. I have also been inspired by my colleagues’ openness about how their lives have been impacted – it really does bring everyone together. I am lucky to work for an organisation that is honest and forthright, and that I trust. It’s hard to say what will happen, but for now I will accept where I am… sitting writing this blog underneath a palm tree with a coconut and straw to hand (don’t hate me).