CRMG’s Team Account of the Corona Pandemic – May 19

This is a personal account from the CRMG team about our experiences managing and coping with the current Coronavirus pandemic. We are real people trying to get through this tough time, and we want to emphasise that we are here to support the community and hope sharing our experiences will help. Please reach out at

Account by Nick Frost
Director & Co-Founder, CRMG


Thinking back to when the lockdown was announced on the 23rd March, it now feels surreal that my family and I have managed to make what was unusual circumstances, the norm. We’ve all got involved clapping for the NHS on Thursdays at 8pm, and then quickly stopping to see if the neighbours are doing the same. This is a big deal for us and the kids as their Auntie is an NHS Nurse, and we have friends working in care homes whose working hours make my long days look trivial.

So, what has changed in my life? There is the constant and increased concern for friends and family – especially when one of them falls ill with what (thankfully) has been a common cold. But in many cases there have been a whole bunch of positive changes; I spend more quality time with the family, and it is no longer a mad rush to squeeze in a game, or help with homework at 7pm as you get in through the door; I also have more contact with friends – there is now an excuse to have those skype calls that would never have happened under the old regime. There is also the well-known CRMG biweekly family quiz and bingo nights which I’m surprised have not gone viral!

What are we looking forward to once this is all over?

Apart from the obvious (recovery of the nation’s health and a reboot of the economy), we’re looking forward to the basics; BBQ with friends, the ability to just take a drive to visit friends and family; to meet clients face to face and run workshops without having to worry if the Wi-Fi is going to suddenly drop.

There have been some fascinating observations from our work. Most notably the ease in which we (and our clients) have conducted business as usual. We have all demonstrated that remote working can be done and done so effectively. The kids are looking forward to getting back to school, not for lessons I may add, but to hit the sweet shops after school with their friends.

For those of you who are parents and looking for useful sources for homework support (which has been a headache), here are my favourites:

  • Maths – you must go to Khan Academy on YouTube.
  • Science – check out ‘Minute Physics’, and go to the NASA site for really cool kids lessons on everything that is space. SciShow is also worth looking at.

Or if you want a source for all lessons and all ages go to