Creating Resilience: 5 things cyber-criminals wish your business didn’t talk about

We don’t need to tell you that effectively reducing risk and increasing resilience requires a carefully constructed multi-faceted plan, and most importantly the support of your people.

In this paper, CRMG and Layer 8 offer their combined experience of risk profiling and security culture creation to provide you with 5 steps on how to engage your stakeholders. You’ll find unique and practical methods to get your business talking about security, enabling the implementation of your cyber security strategy.

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Webinar Invitation

We will build upon this paper by hosting a webinar on July 7th at 2pm BST on ‘From Paper to Practice: Effectively communicating and implementing your cyber security strategy‘.

The webinar will share best practice techniques and tactics to get your business talking about cyber security so you can effectively develop and implement your best cyber security strategy. Find out more here.