CRMG Podcast: Remote Working and the New Cyber Security Threat Landscape

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a period of major transition and organisations have had to quickly adapt to weather the storm. Many have managed to remain operational but with all-new working processes. Organisations have adopted enterprise-wide remote working which likely required the rapid adoption of technology and a much greater reliance on existing or new digital infrastructure.

Unfortunately, this rapid transition to remote working has left organisations open to cyber security vulnerabilities, and cybercriminals have been more than ready to exploit them.

In this podcast with CyBourn, a managed detection and response provider, we share the alarming trends and attack patterns witnessed since the shift to remote working, and what we anticipate to see as we move into the new norm.

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Due to technical issues, the audio quality of this recording is a little weak. Please bear with us and we hope you enjoy the podcast.