CRMG Podcast: Data Ownership – a critical step in cyber security

The pace and scale at which we create and share data is greater than ever before. With such an abundance of information, data ownership is a real challenge for organisations, with many finding it too difficult to determine the data they own, and who is responsible for what.

However, once organisations assign data owners who understand what they are accountable for, how to manage risk to their data, and buy-in to the responsibility of being an owner, they can truly be an asset to the business – and a critical step in cyber security.

In this podcast, Nick Frost, Co-Founder & Director at CRMG and Simon Lacey, Principal Consultant at CRMG, discuss why organisations that define data owners will be in a stronger position with their information security than those that don’t. Nick and Simon also share examples of how to identify and assign data owners, and how to get buy-in from the people who own data, and essentially the risk.

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