Neurodiversity and Cyber Security – Untapping a superpower

When you think about cyber security, you generally don’t tend to think about people, and you certainly don’t think about the neurodiversity of people. The profession has been battling a skills gap which shows no sign of changing. Neurodiversity UK says that up to ¾ of adults who are neurodiverse could possess the aptitude and skill-set for a career in cyber security. Should cyber security be seizing this opportunity?

Diversity within teams is essential, and neurodiversity within teams can be powerful – cyber threats are becoming more and more advanced and pervasive, and so the teams we build to defend and outthink cyber criminals need to have different mindsets, and ways to find solutions to difficult challenges.

In this podcast, Nick Frost, Co-Founder & Director at CRMG talks with Simon Lacey, Principal Consultant at CRMG about neurodiversity within cyber security, and how understanding and accepting different ways of thinking is an advantage and benefit security teams and organisations as a whole.