Real-time cybersecurity oversight and compliance

CRMG Eye acts as your cyber ‘eyes and ears’ – your single pane of glass onto the oversight and management of cybersecurity across the entire organisation, ensuring required levels of protection in real-time. It works to continuously monitor the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls and reporting back on exceptions via a simple dashboard. CRMG Eye can also be used to monitor customised set of controls for specific requirements – for example to monitor security in the home working environment or to assess controls relating to your ‘Joiners/Leavers/Movers’ process.

What is the CRMG Eye?

CRMG Eye marries up the experience of a seasoned cybersecurity expert conducting a gap assessment, with the unparalleled capability of a real-time control monitoring system.

CRMG Eye firstly assesses your overall cybersecurity posture and maturity, identifying your key control gaps and vulnerabilities. The qualitative assessment delivers quick wins and medium-term recommendations to ensure the right controls are in place, and control gaps are identified and resolved quickly.

Once security controls have been mapped out and implemented, the automation part of the CRMG Eye kicks in – the ‘living’ dashboard monitors your security systems 24/7 to ensure they are operating as intended to protect your business.

How it works

The benefits to your business

  • The execution and tracking of every security control across the enterprise in real-time provides confidence that cybersecurity measures are operating as intended – at the right time and to the right standard
  • Regular, up-to-date and accurate intelligence ensure you are continuously improving your security and risk profile
  • Focus on the most effective controls for the most critical threats lowers operational costs, better using scarce resources and re-focuses skilled staff on problem-solving activities
  • Maintains compliance with recognised cybersecurity standards (such as ISO 27001 and NIST) ensuring you stay ‘audit-ready’.

Next steps

If you would like to speak to a CRMG team member about the CRMG Eye, your current cybersecurity programme, and whether this is right for you, please fill in the form below to arrange a no-obligation phone call. You can also email us at info@crmg-consult or call at +4420 3811 8727.