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Cyber Risk Leaders 2021

29 April
Online conference

A virtual half-day conference by CRMG and Galvanize, supported by CIISec and ISACA on how to future-proof your business against cyber risks. Find out more here.



Insecurity and Uncertainty Data security and compliance for SMEs in a remote working environment 

16 March Online webinar

CRMG and Collyer Bristow bring together their years of experience in cyber security and data privacy, to deliver a webinar that addresses the current threatlandscape for SMEs, and provides pragmatic guidance on how these threats can be mitigated. To watch on demand, click here.



Interactive Roundtable on Supply Chain Management

11 February Online webinar

Following on from the CIISec Masterclass on Supply Chain Management, CRMG discusses key pain points of attendees during an interactive session. To watch on demand, click here.



Virtual Workshop: How to implement a cyber risk roadmap for change and success

28 January
Online interactive session

CRMG and Galvanize hosted an interactive roundtable discussing best practices to implement and maintain an effective cyber risk assessment capability. To find out more, click 



CIISec Masterclass on Supply Chain Management with CRMG

26 January
Online masterclass

CRMG hosted a masterclass for CIISec’s membership sharing guidance and best practices on the topic of supply chain management. To find out more, click here.



The Cyber Security Landscape in 2021 – Through a cyber risk lens

24 November
Online webinar

CRMG partnered with Caveris to bring a panel discussion that reviews the year so far in terms of cyber risk, and what the future could hold for security teams going into 2021. To watch the webinar, click here.



ISACA London 2nd Annual (virtual) Conference

2-5 November
Online conference

CRMG partnered with Galvanize to showcase the Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) during the virtual conference.



ISACA CACS Conference Euro 2020

28 – 30 October
Online conference

CRMG partnered with Galvanize (gold sponsor) at ISACA CACS to present ‘Shifting Cyber security from a Compliance to a Risk Focus’. To find out more, click here.



Setting up a Cyber Risk Assessment Capability that Works for all Stakeholders

24 September
Online webinar

In this webinar with our partner Galvanize, we build upon our Cyber Risk Webinar Series to discuss the key factors needed to establish an effective cyber risk assessment capability and how to maintain it. To watch the webinar, click here.



Geopolitics and Cyber-Attacks: What you need to know

17 September
Online webinar

In this webinar with our partner Exponential-e, we discuss a topic that is increasingly making its way on the cyber agenda. In the webinar, we discuss the current and emerging geopolitical threats and what this means for your business. To watch the webinar, click here.



Specialist Panel Discussion on Cyber Resilience for Now and Tomorrow

10 September
Online webinar

CRMG joined a panel discussion hosted by Freeths on how businesses can reduce their information risk by adopting good information governance. CRMG will be joining leaders from Oxford University, AON and Freeths.



The ACC Cyber and Information Risk Panel Discussion

28 July
Online webinar

CRMG joined an informative and wide-ranging panel discussion on managing cyber and information risk. The panel is a closed session for ACC Israel members.



From Paper to Practice: Effectively communicating and implementing your cyber security strategy

7 July
Online webinar at 2pm-3pm BST

In this webinar in partnership with Layer 8, we provide best practice techniques and tactics to get your business talking about cyber security so you can effectively develop and implement your best cyber security strategy, To watch the webinar, click here.



A Risk-based Approach to Cyber security: a masterclass on what to do and how to do it

25 June
Online webinar at 2pm-4pm BST

In this two hour masterclass, Nick Frost, Co-Founder & Director at CRMG will provide clarity about what a leading cyber risk management capability looks like, and a step-by-step approach to help you apply it to your business. To watch the masterclass, click here.



Why Organisations will be Rushing to Protect Against DDoS

18 June
Online webinar at 2pm-3pm BST

In this webinar, we investigate what is driving this rapid increase in DDoS attacks and the possible threat actors. We will also provide recommendations on how to mitigate the risk of DDoS attacks on your organisation. To watch the webinar, click here.


Cyber Risk Series: Building an enduring cyber risk management programme to see you through a crisis

9 June
Online Webinar at 3pm-4pm BST

A panel on how to put the correct risk architecture in place to weather any storm. Speakers including CRMG’s Andrew Wilson, Principal Consultant, and guest speakers Mauricio Caruso, Senior Director, Security Strategy, Governance and Risk Management at Inmarsat and Jeff Brooker, Cyber Risk Adviser to Industry. To watch the panel, click here.


M&A – Cyber security and data privacy risks

4 June
Online webinar at 2pm-3pm BST

Simon Rycroft, Co-Founder & Director, CRMG joined the webinar to discuss the legal, cyber risk and data privacy aspects of a merger scenario, including considerations leading up to and following the merger – along with how to respond if a breach occurs. To watch the webinar, click here.


Cyber Risk Management for Lawyers – the importance of sound risk governance

20 May
Online webinar at 12pm-1pm BST

CRMG joined this webinar to outline the importance of a sound governance approach to cyber risk management for lawyers, focusing in on illustrative scenarios involving supplier and third-party risk assurance, and due diligence in M&A. This was an invitation-only event.

Cyber Risk Series: Getting inside the mind of the Board

23 April 
Online webinar at 3pm-4pm BST

In this 60-minute webinar with CRMG’s Geoff Hudson-Searle and Todd Wade, they discuss the role of the Board in risk management, and what the CISO (or equivalent) can do to overcome the lack of risk management oversight. To watch the webinar, click here.


Cyber Risk Series: Shifting cyber security from compliance to a risk focus

1 April
Online Webinar at 4pm-5pm BST

This 60-minute webinar with Nick Frost, Co-Founder & Director at CRMG and Greg Slayton, Client Partner at Galvanize discusses the future of cyber risk, how organisations have successfully prioritised risk, and provides tactics you can apply to become more efficient and impactful. To watch the webinar, click here.


CIISec Associate Development Programme (ADP): Risk Assessment and Risk Management

10 March
Online Webinar at 4.30pm-5.30pm GMT

Simon Rycroft, Director at CRMG present in the CIISec ADP webinar. The presentation aims to help new recruits within the cyber security profession to develop their skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of risk assessment and risk management. Find out more.


ISF’s 30th Annual World Congress

26-29 October
Convention Centre, Dublin

CRMG exhibited at stand 21 at the 30th Annual World Congress in promotion of the SoGP-CP training course in collaboration with the ISF. Find out more.


Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019

9-12 September

ntercontinental Hotel, London

CRMG exhibited in collaboration with Galvanize at the 2019 Gartner event on stand S2. Find out more.


IISP Live 2019

7 July
Millennium Point, Birmingham

CRMG exhibited at IISP Live. Find out more