From Paper to Practice: Effectively communicating and implementing your cyber security strategy

Date: Tuesday, 7 July 2020
Time: 2pm-3pm BST
Location: Online webinar


Do you dream of a future where your cyber security strategy moves from the shelf into practice? Or have you not quite managed to get the traction and change you desired? Change needs a catalyst, and conversation is our most powerful catalyst for change. To successfully implement a cyber security strategy, you need buy-in from the top down, and to embed a culture of security. Without this, meaningful change and your cyber security goals will not be achieved.

In this webinar, CRMG and Layer 8 Ltd share best practice techniques and tactics to get your business talking about cyber security so you can effectively develop and implement your best cyber security strategy.


You will take away the following:

  • Conversation starters to engage people across the business in cyber security
  • How to use stories to get people collaborating and building resilience
  • How to identify your security culture maturity
  • Innovative methods to inform your cyber strategy
  • Who your key stakeholders are for change.

To get a head start on the topic, read our paper here: Creating Resilience: 5 things cyber-criminals wish your business didn’t talk about.

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Sarah Janes                      Simon Rycroft
Managing Director         Co-Founder & Director
Layer 8                              CRMG