Geopolitics and Cyber-Attacks: What you need to know

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2020
Time: 11am-12pm BST
Location: Online webinar

As we find ourselves amid a global pandemic with cyber-criminals taking full advantage of phishing and malware attacks, preying on users and the simple but lethal user errors, we mustn’t forget about other attacks which are also on the rise. Over the last few years, it’s clear that cyber-attacks are the preferred targeted tool used for financial and political gain. Geopolitical issues and nation-state cyber-attacks are on the rise, and it’s important to be aware they are indiscriminate. Not only are these attacks on the rise, but the attackers are becoming more refined and more skilled, meaning taking steps to protect your organisation has never been more important.


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In this webinar, you will hear from Nick Frost, Founder and Director at CRMG and Mark Belgrove, Head of Cyber Consultancy at Exponential as they use their joint expertise of over 40 years to delve into these types of attacks, what they may look like, how you can spot them and how you can be proactive to protect your organisation.

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