Our company

In the market to make a difference.

Cyber Risk Management Group (CRMG) is a leading provider of cybersecurity and information risk consultancy services and training courses.

CRMG partners with organisations of all sizes and backgrounds to implement pragmatic approaches to cybersecurity and risk management that achieve the right balance between risk profile, regulatory requirements and resources available.

Our business model is based on four cornerstones:

  1. We only provide seasoned practitioners who have a proven track record implementing effective cybersecurity programmes in senior positions for reputable organisations
  2. We have established partnerships with organisations that are outstanding in their respective fields to promote strong levels of cybersecurity throughout all sectors of society. This includes not-for-profits such as as the Chartered Insititute for Information Security (CIISec) and the Information Security Forum (ISF) where we contribute back to the information security profession
  3. We only work with organisations where we know we can make a difference fast, and we will never compromise quality or integrity for profit
  4. CRMG creates and uses pragmatic approaches and frameworks. Our approach focuses on identifying prioritised risk in organisations in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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