Supply Chain Management Interactive Roundtable

Date: 11 February, 2021
Time: 16.30-17.30 GMT
Location: Online webinar

Following on from the success of the CIISec Masterclass with CRMG on ‘Supply Chain Management’, CRMG followed up on the session with a small, interactive roundtable, that provided the opportunity for attendees to dive deeper and get answers to their biggest challenges on the topic of supply chain risk.

During the masterclass, we identified two distinct pain points from attendees when managing supply chain risk around ‘setting information security requirements’ and ‘performing security assessments’. To address these pain, we discussed: 

  • Risk-based identification of your security requirements 
  • A fit for purpose way of assessing against requirements for individual suppliers 

The session was open discussion and not recorded. If you would like to speak to a CRMG expert via a one-to-one phone call on the topic of cyber risk, please contact Nick Frost, Co-Founder and Director at CRMG at