The Cyber Risk Assessment Solution in Partnership with Galvanize

About Galvanize

Galvanize builds security, risk management, compliance, and audit software. Their mission is to unite teams with their RiskBond platform to strengthen individuals and protect organisations.

A true SaaS cloud platform that supports the CISO and their team to identify, assess, prioritise and mitigate risk across their organisation faster.

   A combination of intuitive workflow and integrated data automation, leveraging best-practice and industry-standard content.

A partner with industry experts that combines our unique approach to Information Risk Management to create best-of-breed customer solutions.


The Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) Solution

We have partnered with Galvanize to create the Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) with RiskBond – a solution that combines a pragmatic approach to a risk assessment with an integrated risk management software.

We identified a challenge

We found that many organisations struggle to get compelling cost-effective, action-orientated results from their cyber risk assessment approach.

Many automated risk assessment offerings do not provide the methodological rigour, automation and data modelling required by today’s cyber risk analysts.

As a consequence, business leaders lack access to straightforward, reliable and timely cyber risk information to help them make informed decisions about mitigation and cyber security investment programmes.

The CRA solution addresses these challenges by providing a pragmatic approach that helps all stakeholders make better decisions about how to manage cyber risk.


Our solution solves the challenge to:

  • Improve the rigour, timeliness, and ease-of-use of your cyber risk assessment using data automation and workflow
  • Enrich your cyber risk reporting through powerful data analytics and highly configurable storyboard creation with dynamic updating
  • Support the creation of a standards-based cyber risk assessment approach that helps you embed best practice, consistency of approach, and common terms and language
  • Reduce cyber risk assessment and risk mitigation time with integrated collaboration tools that automate business logic and support informed decision making
  • Simplify deployment with a true SaaS environment that requires 0% customisation.


The CRA Approach

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If you would like more information about the CRA solution and how it can benefit you, please contact us at or +44 203 811 8727.