The Cybersecurity Diagnostic Assessment (CSDA)

Fast-tracking your journey to cybersecurity confidence and maturity

A quick, no-nonsense gap assessment of your cybersecurity programme. The assessment identifies key control gaps and vulnerabilities, identifying quick wins and medium-term solutions. In short, it enables you to protect your most important assets with confidence. Take the first step towards cyber resilience and mitigate cyber risks that could lead to irreparable financial and reputational damage.


What is the CSDA?

The Cybersecurity Diagnostic Assessment (CSDA) is a quick and cost-effective assessment and diagnosis of your cybersecurity arrangements by a seasoned cybersecurity expert. In around 2 days, your cyber expert will use the CSDA tool to undertake an interview-based, qualitative assessment of your cybersecurity maturity, encompassing 250 questions over 14 core areas of a cybersecurity programme (aligned with the recognised ISO 27001). Based on this, you will be given a maturity rating for each of the 14 core areas, accompanied by a description of your potential cyber risk exposure, as well as specific recommendations for improvements.

The benefits and outcomes are simple – you will receive valuable advice and guidance from an expert who has ‘been there and done that’, while also getting hard evidence in the form of a report to support risk-based business decisions and  budget requests.

Why do you need a gap assessment?

  • Prioritise improvement activity and identify areas for increased focus in budgeting and resourcing
  • Targets existing and new cybersecurity risks, putting controls to place to protect your organisations most important information assets
  • Understand the extent to which compliance obligations are being met, avoiding the cost of non-compliance and reputational damage
  • Communicate your cybersecurity status to the wider business to increase awareness, gain buy-in and reduce the insider threat
  • Begin the journey to full ISO 27001 compliance OR builds upon your existing Cyber Essential certification.


Who is the CSDA designed for?

The CSDA is well suited to small or medium sized businesses whose cybersecurity maturity is limited – or even larger businesses who need to fastback their cyber security improvement journey. This CSDA is a quick, cost-effective stepping-stone to get you on the right path to cyber resilience. You don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to implement this process – that’s why we are here. Just understand that it is a business imperative to mitigate your cyber risk exposure as it has never been greater!

Here we share examples of the types of scenarios and businesses who could benefit from the CSDA.

Next steps

If you would like to speak to a CRMG team member about the CSDA, your current cybersecurity programme, and whether this is right for you, please fill in the form below to arrange a no-obligation phone call. You can also email us at info@crmg-consult or call at 0203 811 8727.