Virtual Workshop: How to implement a cyber risk roadmap for change and success

Date: 28 January
Time: 08.00-09.30 GMT
Location: Online webinar

In today’s sophisticated and rapidly changing cyber risk landscape, it is critical for organisations to be proactive in identifying and prioritising their cyber risks to understand critical areas for exploitation. A strong cyber risk assessment capability ensures organisations can assess, prioritise and manage their cyber risks to put in place effective measures to minimise the impact of cyber-attacks when they occur.

This interactive roundtable will discuss best practices to implement and maintain an effective cyber risk assessment capability, and the change management required to drive this initiative to success. The session will include an introduction to the Cyber Risk Assessment Solution powered by the HighBond platform.

Discussion points will include: 

  1.  Best practices for implementing a comprehensive risk program and next steps to identify & prioritise your risks
  2.  How to leverage technology and automation as a driver for change
  3.  Why a cyber risk roadmap is essential to deliver transformation and positive change that is risk-focused.

This workshop was invitation-only, but if you would like more information about how to get involved, please contact Kirsty Donovan at


This roundtable is in partnership with Galvanize/CRMG and will be jointly hosted by: 

Nick Frost, Co-founder at Cyber Risk Management Group

Nick Frost has a 20-year career within the cyber security space. Before joining forces with Simon Rycroft to form CRMG, Nick held leadership roles at PwC as Group Head of Information Risk and at the Information Security Forum (ISF) as Principal Consultant. At PwC, Nick designed and implemented best-practice solutions that made good business sense, prioritizing key risks to the organization and minimizing disruption to ongoing operations. Nick’s combined experience as a seasoned cyber-risk practitioner and research lead—designing and implementing pragmatic, risk-based solutions—places him as a leading expert on cyber risk.

Tom Faraday, Senior Product Manager at Galvanize

Tom Faraday, has spent the last 10 years working with organisations of various sizes and across multiple industries supporting them with the definition, implementation and continued success of their GRC programs. He has a particular interest in Risk Management and Information Security and is currently responsible for ensuring the continued success of multiple Galvanize GRC products.